Sectoral negotiations

Sector specific negotiations have taken place both under the GATT and the WTO, which in some cases led to an Agreement.

This is the case, for instance, of the "Pharma Agreement", concessions concerning "Spirits" or the "Information Technology Agreement" (ITA), amongst others.

106 WTO Procedures
Status of Sectoral Negotiations procedures
under 3-month period
under domestic procedures
under reservations
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Korea, Republic of G/MA/TAR/RS/658 16.08.2021
Initiated on: 16.08.2021 Last updated on: 16.08.2021
Rectifications of errors, ITA Expansion Within 3 Months
Colombia G/MA/TAR/RS/431 04.02.2020
Initiated on: 15.04.2016 Last updated on: 04.02.2020
ITA Expansion Certified
Albania G/MA/TAR/RS/569 23.07.2018
Initiated on: 23.07.2018 Last updated on: 23.07.2018
ITA Expansion Certified
El Salvador G/MA/TAR/RS/45 05.07.2018
Initiated on: 09.11.1998 Last updated on: 05.07.2018
ITA Certified
Georgia G/MA/TAR/RS/508 06.12.2017
Initiated on: 06.12.2017 Last updated on: 06.12.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
SwitzerlandLiechtenstein G/MA/TAR/RS/478 19.07.2017
Initiated on: 19.07.2017 Last updated on: 19.07.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
Macao, China G/MA/TAR/RS/461 08.06.2017
Initiated on: 08.06.2017 Last updated on: 08.06.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
Norway G/MA/TAR/RS/457 23.03.2017
Initiated on: 23.03.2017 Last updated on: 23.03.2017
Pharma Certified
New Zealand G/MA/TAR/RS/436 10.03.2017
Initiated on: 04.07.2016 Last updated on: 10.03.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
European Union (25) G/MA/TAR/RS/456 27.02.2017
Initiated on: 27.02.2017 Last updated on: 27.02.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
Chinese Taipei G/MA/TAR/RS/450 24.02.2017
Initiated on: 16.11.2016 Last updated on: 24.02.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
Australia G/MA/TAR/RS/455 22.02.2017
Initiated on: 22.02.2017 Last updated on: 22.02.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
Thailand G/MA/TAR/RS/453 10.01.2017
Initiated on: 04.01.2017 Last updated on: 10.01.2017
ITA Expansion Certified
China G/MA/TAR/RS/449 28.10.2016
Initiated on: 28.10.2016 Last updated on: 28.10.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Mauritius G/MA/TAR/RS/437 07.10.2016
Initiated on: 05.07.2016 Last updated on: 07.10.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Costa Rica G/MA/TAR/RS/444 12.09.2016
Initiated on: 12.09.2016 Last updated on: 12.09.2016
ITA Expansion Domestic procedures
United States of America G/MA/TAR/RS/440 11.08.2016
Initiated on: 12.07.2016 Last updated on: 11.08.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Russian Federation G/MA/TAR/RS/443 05.08.2016
Initiated on: 05.08.2016 Last updated on: 05.08.2016
ITA Certified
Montenegro G/MA/TAR/RS/427 15.07.2016
Initiated on: 02.03.2016 Last updated on: 15.07.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Canada G/MA/TAR/RS/438 13.07.2016
Initiated on: 13.07.2016 Last updated on: 13.07.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Malaysia G/MA/TAR/RS/432 07.07.2016
Initiated on: 28.04.2016 Last updated on: 07.07.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Norway G/MA/TAR/RS/429 05.07.2016
Initiated on: 11.04.2016 Last updated on: 05.07.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Iceland G/MA/TAR/RS/435 29.06.2016
Initiated on: 29.06.2016 Last updated on: 29.06.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Philippines G/MA/TAR/RS/430 27.06.2016
Initiated on: 12.04.2016 Last updated on: 27.06.2016
ITA Expansion Certified
Israel G/MA/TAR/RS/434 17.06.2016
Initiated on: 17.06.2016 Last updated on: 17.06.2016
ITA Expansion Certified