10 WTO Procedures

8 under 1980 Procedures

2 Initial HS transpositions

Status of 1980 Procedures

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under domestic procedures
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All procedures and legal instruments

Procedure Last date Sort ascending Type Status Certifications Download
G/MA/TAR/RS/675 06.04.2023
Initiated on: 07.04.2022 Last updated on: 06.04.2023
HS2012 Certified WT/Let/1605
G/MA/TAR/RS/455 22.02.2017
Initiated on: 22.02.2017 Last updated on: 22.02.2017
ITA Expansion Certified WT/Let/1263
G/MA/TAR/RS/454 22.02.2017
Initiated on: 22.02.2017 Last updated on: 22.02.2017
Agreement on Agriculture Certified WT/Let/1262
G/MA/TAR/RS/408 12.05.2015
Initiated on: 12.05.2015 Last updated on: 12.05.2015
HS2007 Certified WT/Let/1071
G/MA/TAR/RS/154 12.02.2010
Initiated on: 12.02.2010 Last updated on: 12.02.2010
HS2002 Certified WT/Let/881
G/SECRET/HS96/19 09.08.2002
Initiated on: 21.02.1996 Last updated on: 09.08.2002
Initial transpositions Certified WT/Let/880
G/SECRET/HS02/AUS/1 02.08.2002
Initiated on: 31.01.2002 Last updated on: 02.08.2002
Initial transpositions Certified WT/Let/881
G/MA/TAR/RS/85 05.07.2002
Initiated on: 05.07.2002 Last updated on: 05.07.2002
Full schedule Reservations
G/MA/TAR/RS/41 27.11.1997
Initiated on: 27.11.1997 Last updated on: 27.11.1997
Additional concessions Reservations
G/MA/TAR/RS/31 28.07.1997
Initiated on: 28.07.1997 Last updated on: 28.07.1997
ITA Certified WT/Let/248

Additional information

Pre-UR: -L/6222/Add.5 was included in G/HS/87_Australia UR: -G/SECRET/HS02/AUS/1 was replaced by G/MA/TAR/RS/154 -G/SP/1 and G/SP/8 were approved with the intention to incorporate in a Supplementary Marrakesh Protocol which did not come into being. These were certified in WT/LET/528. -G/MA/TAR/RS/85 has not been certified at the request of Australia.