In this page you will find a global overview of the 1980 Procedures.  Explore the data graphs by clicking on the available options.  

Overall Status of 1980 Procedures

Out of a total number of 706 changes to the Schedules:

  • 685 have been certified (97%)
  • 15 are under reservations (2.1%)
  • 1 are under the 3-month period (0.1%)
  • 3 are under domestic procedures (0.4%)
  • 2 have been withdrawn (0.3%)

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Status of 1980 Procedures by Type

This chart shows the status of the 1980 Procedures subdivided by type of procedure.  You can click on the categories Sectoral Negotiations and Other Rectifications and Modifications for a further breakdown.

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Status of HS Transpositions

In this chart you can see the status of HS transpositions changes under the 1980 Procedures by type of HS transposition.

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Status of HS Transpositions by Member

This chart shows an overview of the HS transpositions by Member. The information is classified as follows:

  • PA:  the Schedule of concession is annexed to a Protocol of Accession
  • Pending:  the HS transposition is pending under any of the steps prior to submission through the 1980 Procedures
  • Under 1980 Procedures:  the HS transposition has concluded and the Schedule has been submitted under the 1980 Procedures.  
  • Certified:  the Schedule resulting from the HS transposition has been certified

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Status of Article XXVIII

This chart shows the status of the changes regarding the Article XXVIII renegotiations under the 1980 Procedures.  These changes constitute the Step-2 in the renegotiation process and follow the successful conclusion of the Step-1 process when the Member notifies the initiation of the procedures as well as the final reports announcing their conclusion.  

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Timeline of 1980 Procedures

This chart illustrates the number of changes to the schedules over time and by status.  You can click on the timeframe category to explore a further breakdown by type of changes.

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