The Goods Schedules e-Library is an online platform that facilitates access to the legal instruments that embody the WTO Schedules of concessions
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What is a WTO Schedule?
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Schedules and their changes
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How are Schedules identified?
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How do Schedules change?
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Procedure Member Type Status Last date View
G/MA/TAR/RS/658 Korea, Republic of Rectifications of errors, ITA Expansion Rect. of errors Within 3 Months 16.08.2021
Initiated on: 16.08.2021 Last updated on: 16.08.2021
G/MA/TAR/RS/657 Norway HS2012 Within 3 Months 21.06.2021
Initiated on: 21.06.2021 Last updated on: 21.06.2021
G/SECRET/42 European Union (28) Article XXVIII - Step 1 Art. XXVIII (Step 1) Ongoing 22.12.2020
Initiated on: 24.07.2018 Last updated on: 22.12.2020
G/MA/TAR/RS/570 United Kingdom HS2017, Full schedule HS2017 Reservations 16.12.2020
Initiated on: 24.07.2018 Last updated on: 16.12.2020
G/SECRET/45 Panama Article XXVIII - Step 1 Art. XXVIII (Step 1) Ongoing 12.08.2020
Initiated on: 12.08.2020 Last updated on: 12.08.2020
G/SECRET/40 SwitzerlandLiechtenstein Article XXVIII - Step 1 Art. XXVIII (Step 1) Ongoing 03.07.2020
Initiated on: 04.04.2018 Last updated on: 03.07.2020

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