This page contains the most commonly asked questions about the WTO Goods Schedules.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, please send it to us.  


What are Step 1 and Step 2 of the Article XXVIII renegotiations?

To facilitate the display of the information, this website aggregates the notifications relating to procedures under Article XXVIII of the GATT 1994 in two main categories:

"Step 1" includes the notifications that launch or request authority to initiate the procedures, as well as the bilateral agreements and final reports announcing the conclusion of the procedures. These documents are typically circulated under the G/SECRET document series, but may include other procedures predating the establishment of the WTO.  

"Step 2" includes notifications in the subsequent stage where the renegotiating Member submits a draft modification of its Schedule under the 1980 Procedures for Modification and Rectification of Schedules, which are circulated under the G/MA/TAR/RS document series.  In the absence of objections within a three-month period, this procedure results in the certification of the proposed modification and are circulated under the WT/Let document series.


HS Initial transpositions vs. HS transpositions under the 1980 Procedures

HS Initial transpositions: when the HS entered into force on 1 January 1988 (HS88), the pre-UR Schedules of GATT Contracting Parties which were also contracting parties to the HS Convention had to be transposed into the HS nomenclature. Special procedures were adopted to this effect and a number of Goods Schedules were progressively transposed and certified. During this process, some Members decided to renegotiate their schedules in connection with the implementation of the HS.

HS transpositions under the 1980 Procedures:  the HS nomenclature is periodically updated to take account of technological developments and changes in the patterns of trade. The GATT 1947 and the WTO have adopted procedures for the transposition of Schedules for each of the amendments to the HS. Once the transposition procedures have been achieved in the Committee on Market Access, the transposed Schedules are submitted under the 1980 Procedures for certification.