7 WTO Procedures

4 under 1980 Procedures

3 Initial HS transpositions

Status of 1980 Procedures

under 3-month period
under domestic procedures
under reservations

All procedures and legal instruments

Procedure Last date Sort ascending Type Status Certifications Download
G/MA/TAR/RS/567 26.06.2018
Initiated on: 26.06.2018 Last updated on: 26.06.2018
Agreement on Agriculture Certified WT/Let/1413
G/MA/TAR/RS/486 21.07.2017
Initiated on: 21.07.2017 Last updated on: 21.07.2017
HS2012 Certified WT/Let/1303
G/MA/TAR/RS/403 28.04.2015
Initiated on: 28.04.2015 Last updated on: 28.04.2015
HS2007 Certified WT/Let/1058
G/MA/TAR/RS/300 26.03.2013
Initiated on: 26.03.2013 Last updated on: 26.03.2013
HS2002 Certified WT/Let/885
G/SECRET/HS96/28 23.08.2004
Initiated on: 08.10.1996 Last updated on: 23.08.2004
Initial transpositions Certified WT/Let/490
G/SECRET/HS02/URY/1 03.02.2003
Initiated on: 03.02.2003 Last updated on: 03.02.2003
Initial transpositions Replaced
G/SECRET/HS96/18 19.01.1996
Initiated on: 19.01.1996 Last updated on: 19.01.1996
Initial transpositions Certified WT/Let/468
G/RS/22 29.11.1994
Initiated on: 29.11.1994 Last updated on: 29.11.1994
Uruguay Round In force
G/SP/5 19.10.1994
Initiated on: 19.10.1994 Last updated on: 19.10.1994
Uruguay Round In force
UR/94-Uruguay 15.04.1994
Initiated on: 15.04.1994 Last updated on: 15.04.1994
Uruguay Round In force Self-certified

Additional information

During the Uruguay Round, Uruguay followed special procedures to modify concessions in its GATT Schedule that are deemed to have taken place under Article XXVIII of the GATT.  See paragraph 7 of the Marrakesh Protocol to the GATT 1994.