Dominican Republic

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Procedure Last date Sort ascending Type Status Certifications Download
G/MA/TAR/RS/218 18.11.2010
Initiated on: 11.11.2010 Last updated on: 18.11.2010
HS1996 Certified WT/Let/749
G/MA/TAR/RS/219 11.10.2010
Initiated on: 11.10.2010 Last updated on: 11.10.2010
HS2002 Certified WT/Let/751
G/MA/TAR/RS/107 21.09.2006
Initiated on: 21.09.2006 Last updated on: 21.09.2006
ITA Certified WT/Let/557
G/SECRET/HS/10 09.08.1999
Initiated on: 29.03.1999 Last updated on: 09.08.1999
Pre-WTO>HS Certified WT/Let/317
G/MA/TAR/RS/54 03.11.1998
Initiated on: 03.11.1998 Last updated on: 03.11.1998
Other Certified WT/Let/293
G/C/M/3-Dominican Republic 28.06.1995
Initiated on: 28.06.1995 Last updated on: 28.06.1995
Uruguay Round Withdrawn
G/L/4 23.03.1995
Initiated on: 23.03.1995 Last updated on: 23.03.1995
Article XXVIII - Step 1 Withdrawn
G/RS/26 19.12.1994
Initiated on: 19.12.1994 Last updated on: 19.12.1994
Uruguay Round In force
G/SP/3 12.10.1994
Initiated on: 12.10.1994 Last updated on: 12.10.1994
Uruguay Round Not concluded
UR/94-Dominican Republic 15.04.1994
Initiated on: 15.04.1994 Last updated on: 15.04.1994
Uruguay Round In force

Additional information

G/SP/3:  contains a measure notified by Dominican Republic was subject to a dispute settlement proceeding, and was not certified due to the findings of that Panel (Dominican Republic – Cigarettes (WT/DS302/2, para. 8.1(a)). 

G/L/4: the Dominican Republic requested a waiver for the renegotiation and transposition of its Pre-UR Schedule into the HS. The request was withdrawn (see G/C/M/3).