Liste LXXIII (73)

8 procédures de l'OMC
  • 6 au titre des procédures de 1980
  • 2 transpositions initiales dans le SH
Situation concernant les procédures de 1980
dans le délai de 3 mois
fait l'objet de procédures internes
fait l'objet de réserves

Ensemble des procédures et instruments juridiques

Procédure Dernière date Trier par ordre croissant Type Situation Certifications Télécharger
G/MA/TAR/RS/425 08.02.2016
Initiated on: 08.02.2016 Last updated on: 08.02.2016
ATI élargi Certifiée WT/Let/1158
G/MA/TAR/RS/355 28.03.2014
Initiated on: 28.03.2014 Last updated on: 28.03.2014
SH2007 Certifiée WT/Let/974
G/MA/TAR/RS/132 21.08.2007
Initiated on: 21.08.2007 Last updated on: 21.08.2007
SH2002 Certifiée WT/Let/603
G/MA/TAR/RS/103 01.12.2005
Initiated on: 01.12.2005 Last updated on: 01.12.2005
ATI Certifiée WT/Let/539
G/SECRET/HS02/SGP/1 04.06.2002
Initiated on: 04.06.2002 Last updated on: 04.06.2002
Transpositions initiales Remplacée
G/MA/TAR/RS/65 17.03.2000
Initiated on: 17.03.2000 Last updated on: 17.03.2000
Rectifications d'erreurs Certifiée WT/Let/350
G/SECRET/HS96/13 19.12.1997
Initiated on: 12.01.1996 Last updated on: 19.12.1997
Transpositions initiales Certifiée WT/Let/263
G/MA/TAR/RS/20 05.05.1997
Initiated on: 05.05.1997 Last updated on: 05.05.1997
ATI Certifiée WT/Let/175
UR/94-Singapore 15.04.1994
Initiated on: 15.04.1994 Last updated on: 15.04.1994
Cycle d'Uruguay En vigueur
G/HS/89-Singapore Pre-WTO>HS Certifiée Self-certified

The Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) is a database maintained by the WTO Secretariat that seeks to consolidate all the latest certified tariff concessions and other commitments contained in the WTO Members' Schedules of concessions. It contains in a standardized format all WTO Members' commitments on the tariffs they will apply to imports from other Members. The database has been established as a working tool only, without any implications regarding the legal status of the information contained in the database. All Members' CTS files (approved and provisional) are directly sourced from the Tariff Analysis Online (TAO)

Please refer to the certifications and other legal instruments in case you need to access the legal documents where these obligations are reflected. A comprehensive list of all such documents, as well as the ongoing procedures that may have not yet been certified, can be accessed on each Member profile page under the tab All procedures and legal instruments as well as other pages on this website.

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